Friday, August 20, 2010

What's worse than a tomato worm?

The tomato worm saga continues....only it's worse!  Actually, in a sense it's better.  You see, now we've found a tomato worm with parasites on it.  Gross!  The white things all over this worm are actually cocoons of pupating wasps. As the wasp pupates, it will cause the tomato worm to die. (So it can't eat our tomato plants.)  By the time the wasps undergo metamorphosis, they will have digested all of the worm's insides.    So, like I said, finding a tomato worm with parasites on it is a good thing.  We'll keep telling ourselves that here on the farm.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday at the Farm Market

A beautiful day at the Lancaster Farmer's Market....


Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's already August?!

This summer has gone by so quickly!  I'm way overdue with this update from our farm.  Let's jump right in with our latest crop...eggplant.  The blossoms are so pretty.

The eggplant is beautiful, too.

And yes sir, we do have tomatoes...we have some tomatoes today!  Doesn't a song go something like that?  Well, anyway, we have them. 

The banana peppers just look like a party is going on right on the plant.

The raccoons have been getting into the corn.  Look at how they just neatly peel back the leaves and eat their meal.  I thought I'd leave a hotdog and beer for them so they get a complete meal next time!

We've just been busy doing the usual on the farm.  Weeding, picking, getting ready for the market...When one crop lightens up, the next one comes on in full force.  For awhile it was green beans.  We would pick 3 bushels a day, have a day break, then pick another 3 bushels.  Next, cucumbers came on.  We would pick all we could one morning, then the next morning check them and have just as many.  I couldn't believe in a day that they could grow that much.  I said I was going to camp out one night and just watch them grow since it's so unbelievable.  Except I don't like camping...and there are skunks and raccoons at night.  I'll just keep going out in the mornings to be amazed at what has transpired overnight.    Our latest heavy crop is tomatoes.  We have a long row of cherry tomatoes and 4 long rows of larger varieties.  We've been getting about a bushel per row every other day.  Wow!  It's crazy, hard work, but the amazement of seeing the plant  growth, the colors, the beauty of it all keeps us going.