Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late Night

Frequently Asked Questions

We've had several questions asked of us since we started our farm/website/ here are the anxiously awaited answers to your burning questions:

1.  How much of your land do you farm?  Our website says that we have 52 acres, but not all of that is farmed.  We have about 5 acres of produce. 

2.  Will you get honey from the bees?  Yes, eventually.  Probably next year. 

3.  Do you get stung by the bees?  No, we haven't yet.  Alex, Michael and Audrey are the main caretakers, and I do believe Alex has gotten stung once.  They tell me that since the bees are new here, they are confused and getting used to their surroundings.  Once the bees are more established, they will become more aggressive. 

4.  Who takes the pictures and writes the blog?  Me, Cindy.  Not that I don't do other work on the farm.  It just seems to be coincidence that when we get out in the field and start working, I have to head back the long distance to the house to get my camera.   And it was only once or twice that my camera wasn't charged up so I stayed in the house to charge it doesn't take more than a half-hour or so.  But I do work. Hard. 

5.  Do you grow everything from seed?  Yes.  Many crops are planted right in the ground from seed.  Some that require more attention have been started from seed at the Arnold house and tended to under lights until the plants are big enough and the time is right to plant. 

Thank you for your questions, and keep them coming!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain, Rain...

John working in the raspberry field.

We've had an abundance of rain lately, but the crops are looking good!  The black raspberries especially look like a jungle.  It's amazing that a year ago they were literally just sticks in the ground, and now they are so tall, leafy and flowering.  The pictures don't do them justice...they are beautiful. 

Here is a picture of a row of the raspberries.  There is a grass walkway between each row, and we have 50 rows. 


Broccoli, cabbage, red cabbage


Strawberries...not red yet...


Monday, May 10, 2010

The latest buzzzzzz at Double A Farms

Over the winter, the Arnold family took classes to learn how to raise bees.  Just this past week, the bees were introduced to their new home at Double A Farms. Having bees on the farm will help pollinate the berries.  Some sources say you can get 30-40% more of a crop when you have bees on hand to pollinate. 

Michael smoking himself up as he gets ready to go to the bee boxes..

Michael and Tim are opening the bee boxes.

Michael, Tim and Audrey

Michael with a smile on his face (and no stings!)

Tim, Michael and Audrey are looking for the Queen Bee.  (I told them she was right behind the camera!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Planting

The plants are looking good so far!   Everything is coming up, just some of it a little slower than we expected, especially spinach and beets.  We haven't had a lot of rain since the first planting, so that is a contributing factor.  On May 5, we worked on weeding and planting some more.  The picture to the left shows the onion plants. 

Here is Audrey working the tiller.

Here, Tim and Alex discuss which tractor to use.

And more produce pictures..... 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Day of the Farm Market

Saturday, May 1 was the opening day of the Lancaster Farm Market.  Our crops are still in the growing stage, but the Arnold's did have some lettuce varieties that were ready for sale.  Also, Audrey made some pot holders and Elizabeth helped her make jewelry that they put for sale. Kathryn joined her sisters to help sell.   We had a couple of good hours before the rain moved in and most vendors shut down early. 
Candace Strickland, wife to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, rang the bell to open the market for the season.
She was very nice and stayed for a long time talking to each vendor.  I had to ask where she was from since I detected a little accent, and she said "Looolvilll."  Translated, that means Lousiville, Kentucky.

Here are Kathryn, Audrey and Elizabeth ready to sell.  No wonder we sold out of everything.  Sweet girls! 

We are looking forward to the next month as our produce becomes ready to sell and our days at the market are just hopping!