Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Day of the Farm Market

Saturday, May 1 was the opening day of the Lancaster Farm Market.  Our crops are still in the growing stage, but the Arnold's did have some lettuce varieties that were ready for sale.  Also, Audrey made some pot holders and Elizabeth helped her make jewelry that they put for sale. Kathryn joined her sisters to help sell.   We had a couple of good hours before the rain moved in and most vendors shut down early. 
Candace Strickland, wife to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, rang the bell to open the market for the season.
She was very nice and stayed for a long time talking to each vendor.  I had to ask where she was from since I detected a little accent, and she said "Looolvilll."  Translated, that means Lousiville, Kentucky.

Here are Kathryn, Audrey and Elizabeth ready to sell.  No wonder we sold out of everything.  Sweet girls! 

We are looking forward to the next month as our produce becomes ready to sell and our days at the market are just hopping! 

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  1. Cute! I didn't realize you guys were already at the market - I'll have to wander down on some weekends to bother you all!