Monday, May 10, 2010

The latest buzzzzzz at Double A Farms

Over the winter, the Arnold family took classes to learn how to raise bees.  Just this past week, the bees were introduced to their new home at Double A Farms. Having bees on the farm will help pollinate the berries.  Some sources say you can get 30-40% more of a crop when you have bees on hand to pollinate. 

Michael smoking himself up as he gets ready to go to the bee boxes..

Michael and Tim are opening the bee boxes.

Michael, Tim and Audrey

Michael with a smile on his face (and no stings!)

Tim, Michael and Audrey are looking for the Queen Bee.  (I told them she was right behind the camera!)

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  1. Hey!! I use to raise bees with my brother - we had a lot of fun - and as long as you're dressed right, no stings! We got a lot of honey and sold some - we were about the same ages as the kids. It's a lot of fun - we even found a queen bee once - but she wasn't smart enough to run a camera.... ha!